What if St. Louis, MO moved at the speed of Twitter?

By Travis Brown, Lobbyist


This weekend, Twitter co-founder and St. Louis, MO native Jack Dorsey, (known to most as @Jack) returned home to visit the Central West End neighborhood. By any accounts, his company’s exponential growth as a micro-blogging communications platform has been astounding in the last two years. For a better summary of Jack Dorsey’s personal views about Twitter, has a great 2008 article that breaks it down nicely.

For a CEO whose hand is on the pulse of an important grassroots communication tool (check out U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill’s updates at: @clairecmc for recent news), new ideas for revolutionizing our local lives must occur on a daily basis. That’s what got several of us thinking: what if the City of St. Louis, MO moved at the speed of twitter?

So, here’s a few predictions under a St. Louis-style “fantasy twitterverse:”

First, when you land at Lambert St. Louis International Airport, your mobile device would recognize your location, and offer up the top five transportation options available to you. By the time you leave baggage claim, you will have made your selection based on a competitive bid tweeted back to you.

Then, suppose you’re in a hurry to Grandma’s house, but you want to swing by Ted Drewe’s for their famous concretes in the dog day heat. Your mobile device might ping, poke, or otherwise authorize release of your moving proximity to the Frozen Custard location servers operating nearest to you. Then, you direct message customer service, and after the order is made, the Custard shop responds to a tweet order when you are three minutes or less away (not before – or it will swelter). The transaction might debit from your PayPal account, operate off of your Bluetooth feature once arrived, or simply paid in cash without delay.

So your plans fall through, and you’re considering going to the St. Louis Cardinals game. No sweat. Simply search the game day single game ticket office, and they would present live tweetfeeds of those with available tickets and their prices. Tweetpic views from each section would also be viewed, as well as options to find everyone else who might be in the Stadium right now.

The next day, as you’re packing to leave, you receive a tweet from your Southwest flight crew – looks like your return flight to KSFO might be delayed 45 minutes. Not only does their text message keep you posted as you clear security, but it also offers you a few small deals, like a free Starbucks Coffee or Cardinals t-shirt to smooth over your inconvenience.

Granted – a little beyond today’s world. However, if we were to lead with integrating these technologies, wouldn’t we help upgrade our “Gateway to the West” designation?