Voters Deserve a Chance to Move Missouri Forward

By Travis H. Brown

Below is a press release from Let Voters Decide, our campaign to create real job growth for Missouri.  The process towards the Missouri ballot is long and hard, but there’s never been a more important time for voters to consider a better way for economic growth.   Since the Show-Me State is currently 48th in the nation, the plan that we are on simply isn’t working.  When our state isn’t growing, it hurts everything that our state wants and needs to serve.

Travis H. Brown, President, Let Voters Decide
(314) 540-5515


October 5, 2011 (Jefferson City, Mo.) – The Let Voters Decide coalition recently announced significant momentum surrounding the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act. The Secretary of State approved the measure, a critical step in its journey toward the November 2012 ballot. The Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act will soon be circulated for voter signatures.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to circulate this petition,” said Travis H. Brown, president of Let Voters Decide. “The Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act finally gives working Missourians a say about our state’s unfair double taxation. By collecting 120,000 signatures, we can show that voters statewide care about a new way forward for Missouri’s economy.”

The goal of the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act is to phase out the individual income tax and replace it with a broad-based, consumer-driven sales tax. This means that Missourians would be taxed on those items that they choose to buy, not on the fruits of their labor.

“When you consider Missouri’s educated workforce and our ability to innovate, you would think our state would be thriving,” Brown said. “Yet the reality is that we have the third-worst GDP growth in the entire nation. This measure would make Missouri a better place for businesses and working families, which is why we believe people will be eager to sign our petition.”

Under the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act, the state sales tax would increase by less than 3 percentage points. The expanded sales-tax base would provide our state with greater economic stability, making Missouri more likely to retain and attract businesses. Importantly, the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act protects low-income families by exempting necessities (such as health care, child care and rent) from a sales tax.

“This is a common-sense approach that will provide all working Missourians with an immediate 6 percent pay raise,” added Brown. “We have a jobs plan worth doing, and through the initiative process, Missouri voters can move it forward. If passed, this measure will drive economic development and bring real, lasting growth to Missouri.”

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