Video Explains Benefit of Missouri Fair Tax Legislation



April 27, 2009, MISSOURI – Rep. Ed Emery discusses his Missouri Fair Tax legislation in a video released by Americans For Prosperity-Missouri (AFP-MO).

Rep. Emery has sponsored HJR 36, which replaces Missouri’s income tax with a broader sales tax.  The bill has passed the House, and, if passed by the Senate, the Fair Tax language would be placed on the ballot for voter approval.

In his explanation of what the Fair Tax is, and why it’s a good idea for Missouri, Emery says,

“The fair tax fundamentally is a shift from a tax on our labor to a tax on our consumption.  We’re shifting from the income tax to the sales tax.  That’s one of the things that I think that makes it a fairer tax.”

Emery goes on describe the complexity of the income tax, and how taxpayers accidentally or intentionally avoid paying.   “It’s a whole lot simpler to gather a sales tax,” says Emery.  “One of the things I like most about it is it vastly reduces the power of government over the individual citizens.”

Proponents of the Missouri Fair Tax believe it will make the state more attractive to businesses, result in sustainable, long-term growth and greatly increase compliance by eliminating tax loopholes and complex filing.

State Director of AFP-MO Carl Bearden believes that this video will help both citizens and legislators understand how the Missouri Fair Tax works and why Missouri should adopt it.  “The folks I talk to in Missouri are looking for a change, and the Missouri Fair Tax offers an easier, fairer way to pay taxes.  Missourians should be keeping the money they earn, and the Missouri legislature should be constantly seeking to make taxation less burdensome for everyone.”

Rep. Emery affirms, “The closer you look at the fair tax, the better you like it.”

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