Twitter Updates for 2009-10-30

  • Frist, MD: "Family of 4, 40 yrs old, will incur increased out-pocket costs by $4,000 by Jan 30th, 2010. Not being debated now." #
  • Frist, MD: "Behavior is 40% responsible for proportional contribution to premature death. Health services: 10%" #
  • Frist, MD: "10 appointed people, not elected, could determine Medicare's rates w/o input from patients or MDs." #
  • Frist: "Need a value-based, not volume-based competition. Not in the health care bill now. Markets can work, like 03 Rx plan." #
  • Bill Frist, MD: "Starbucks pays more for employee health insurance than they do for coffee purchases." #
  • @MSTE Why New Haven, CT may have the national model for teacher contracts. Why #AFT may agree. #
  • RT @LisaStlouis28: #STL awarded $65 million in New Markets Tax Credits. Others: McCormack Baron; US Bancorp CDC #
  • @davecantanese @tonymess @ChadLivengood Wonder if this Brown thing has happened to you in MO… #
  • Had a meeting interrupted from two ladies in a pig costume, w/syringe, thermometers, & candy. Said they were H1N1 swine flu – cute. #
  • RT @stlbeacon: Board of Aldermen approves McKee's NorthSide development and financing plan – #
  • New Oracle from Omaha? Meet Tom Ricketts, loved in Chicago. Not so much in #STL I will guess. #Cubs #
  • #Fedex & #SafeKidsWorldwide remind you to slow down this weekend. Twice as many kids are killed walking at halloween. #

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