Twitter Updates for 2009-10-28

  • CFtweet: $50,000 from Missouri Professionals Mutual to HOUSE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE INC on 10/27/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $16,000 from Ford Motor Company Civic Action Fund to FORD MOTOR COMPANY CIVIC ACTION FUND-MISSOURI on 10/27/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $10,000 from Friends of Mike Cunningham to CITIZENS FOR JAY WASSON on 10/27/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $5,000 from Realtors Political Action Comm – MO to MO REPUBLICAN PARTY on 10/26/2009 #
  • Newt vs. Howard on healthcare RT @JoAnnEmerson: Wish I could be in Cape today for the big debate at SEMO. #
  • A US cost more than MO's State Budget. $350K per case to bust. The damage of meth in MO, and why CPHA needs tracking. #
  • Eli Broad Foundation study confirms #teachforamerica outperforms peer teachers in LA. #
  • @DonCalloway Never happened to me. But other pilots have reasons for this, like animals on runway, or landing gear issues. #
  • @sdieckhaus RT @TheOnion: In Focus: Meth Addicts Demand Government Address Nation's Growing Spider Menace #
  • Q: Is our country convincing on service delivery if we cannot even prepare, make, & execute a flu response? #
  • RT @nprpolitics: Off-Year Elections In NY, NJ And VA #
  • RT @digg_politics: "Top 15 Lieberman Betrayals: Joe's Worst Double-Crosses" – #
  • Missouri employer Boeing moves away from Seattle's aircraft machinist's union, to SC. #
  • Strictly speaking on city earnings taxes payable from each Mayor's bet, you should root for Phily to beat NYC. #
  • CFtweet: $10,000 from Midwest Laborers Political Fund to WORKING FAMILIES COMMITTEE on 10/27/2009 #
  • Bummer sticker today: "An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind." #
  • @PresReed Companies produce 35 million pounds of this each year, almost equivalent to the # of Americans in poverty. #
  • When local school boards never read their consultant contracts, how can citizen campaigns for audit be a surprise? #SGF #

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