Twitter Updates for 2009-10-25

  • A Gary Pinkel first: just saw a fan catch a pass thrown on a bad flee-flicker. Seriously? #
  • Heard from #mizzou stand. "Feels like 1989 all over again.". 35 to 7 Texas. #
  • Pinkeled: the process of rapid sideways motion to simulate the intent of forward progress; despite losing yards as you delay. #
  • Texas/Mizzou game finally passed like a kidney stone; acute pain followed by final relief – 41 to 7. Go Horns, beat Bama. #
  • St. Louis athlete update: @laurencemaroney providing clutch 1st downs in latest series. NE 28 TB 7, in London, England. #
  • For those who want another Presidential vote, you'd best be registered Nov 3rd in Virginia. #
  • George Platt's 31 "Rules to Live by for Successful Lobbying." #
  • Aviators, pilots, & ladies: Why everyone should watch Hilary Swank as she acts out Amelia's dreams. #
  • Touchdown, 3 short run plays, by @Laurencemaroney! 35 – 7. #

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