Twitter Updates for 2009-10-04

  • CFtweet: $5,000 from Heartland Health to OUR CHILDREN. OUR FUTURE. OUR DECISION. on 10/02/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $50,000 from Jack Jackson – LOAN to JACK JACKSON FOR STATE SENATE on 10/01/2009 #
  • QOTD: "A gentle hand may lead even an elephant by a hair." – Iranian Proverb #
  • The largest place outside US for "freedom fries" by McD's? France. McD's joins the Louvre Art Museum. #
  • CFtweet: $10,000 from The Chamber Greater Kansas City to CITIZENS FOR CRIME REDUCTION on 10/02/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $10,000 from TAXPAYERS UNLIMITED INC to CITIZENS FOR CRIME REDUCTION on 10/02/2008 #
  • Why 75% of America wants @ArneDuncan to succeed RT @Dems4EdReform: DFER in The Economist on Race To The Top: #

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