Twitter Updates for 2009-09-02

  • Just drove by Busch Stadium with Cards game in motion; have to admit it's impressive with its lights on in Saint Louis downtown. #
  • CFtweet: $32,000 from PARSON FOR STATE REP to PARSON FOR STATE SENATE on 08/31/2009 #
  • Chicago OIympics 2016: "Ambitious but achievable." #
  • @missourischools After diverting $6M in state taxpayer monies, MO sets a meaningful precedent for the nation. #
  • Back from Preseason, & back from the Vineyard. BHO to rally a new push? #
  • RT @St_Louis_Blues: Tickets for FANfest are on sale now. Go to for details. #
  • Pilots: Southwest Airlines Strikes an FAA Deal before Christmas Eve. #
  • @MSTA Why #teachforamerica is good for all teachers, regardless of time instructing. #EdWeek #
  • Would you pay $10 to board your commercial flight early? #
  • Big Oil finds…Big Oil! #GulfofMexico #
  • Sports Illustrated posts NFL predictions: NE Pats over Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl 2010. #
  • Was just reminded that UM-Rolla is now brand named "Missouri S&T" for science and technology. #
  • Lovin it #
  • CFtweet: $6,804 from St. Louis association of Realtors to ST LOUIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS ISSUES MOBILIZATION on 08/28/2009 #
  • 78%. The amount of future liabilities the Public School Retirement System of Missouri can likely fund. #
  • RT @Philanthropy: Chicago Foundations Announce Grants to Improve Census Participation #

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