Twitter Updates for 2009-08-25

  • Anesthesiologists: more propofol in MJ than any doctor would ever want to admit? #
  • Off Track: At 86 Americans per square mile, should we invest in high rail at $50M/mile? #
  • Sedalia, MO: Getting Hooked on Science (& Pepsi, Menthos) to break world records #
  • Some might say thank you @Obama. You've made it the "Summer of the Lobbyist." #Podesta #
  • Good stuff @chrisbrogan. How trust agents become one of us. #FastCompany #
  • @lancearmstrong Why race in Dublin when the Missouri weather is so fabulous. #
  • Just what society doesn't need. A better way to make meth. #MOHighwayPatrol #
  • @DonCalloway I think that I know your constituent, and he's way above your chess pay grade. in reply to DonCalloway #
  • RT @CoryBooker: We always have a choice: we can accept conditions as they are or take responsibility for changing them. #
  • The return of Rudy to a state "out of control?" #
  • NFL, NCAA, et al: 1, Delaware sports bettors: 0. #
  • The USA Today Board of Coaches (D1-A) Top 25 Preseason Poll: #
  • RT @RodneyRHubbard: Traveling to Mo. State Capitol to attend Sen. Hearing on Education Citizenary 2020 Its About All Kids!! #
  • The 12 days of Rhode Island State Summer Xmas, off work, off pay. <CTL><ALT><DEL> #
  • RT @Philanthropy: Prospecting: Giving by the Wealthy Drops Sharply in 2009 #
  • RT @tonymess: On Political Fix: Even in Eagle Scout awards, Kinder and Nixon compete #
  • Rolled out the seer sucker suit again today, before the fall season retires it. #
  • It's good to see both political parties remaining civil about federal charges surrounding @SenJeffSmith and Brown's resignation. #
  • @ArneDuncan Does this mean that we don't get merit pay b/c of tough health reform slugging? #
  • @jcbhiggins Good luck down south. #
  • NFL's Maroney on a Mission. Belichick: "I think he's ready to go." #

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