Twitter Updates for 2009-08-10

  • The man from Kansas to take to Las Vegas. #
  • In Norway, female executives are mandated to have 40% representation on publicly-traded boards. #
  • A more important mid-life crisis than a Harley; checking your link between cholesterol & Alzheimer's. #
  • Farmington, MO: Obama's grassroots fight in the Show-ME makes the LA Times. #
  • @MSTA Former President Bill Clinton & last week's call for Education Reform. #
  • Building a Brand vs. Building a Business. #
  • VID: Marketing to the Hispanic Community; by Practical ECommerce #
  • Here's why there will always be a place for general aviation. #
  • RT @CoMissourian: School board to vote on use of stimulus funds tonight. See what the money would be spent on: ^JS #
  • CFtweet: $12,001 from Mike Ketchmark to MISSOURIANS FOR MIKE CIERPIOT on 08/09/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $111,327 from Citizens for Education & Job Training to CIVIC PROGRESS ACTION COMMITTEE on 08/04/2009 #
  • Proof that Communism can kill. #
  • #clairecmc "Horse is not out of the barn yet" RT @andersoncooper: Missouri manners at its best #
  • NY: Saratoga Pilot failed to contact ATC as advised. Such routine normally would advise the plane of close traffic. #
  • Jiffy Lube for your genome mapping? #

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