Twitter Updates for 2009-08-03

  • RT @WayTooHigh: Apple announced that Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, is resigning from Apple's board #
  • The Fight against Fraud at the National Sports Collectors Convention. #
  • Discuss: Should Missouri continue a sales tax holiday in a down economy? Illinois has not. #
  • RT @vegtalk: First and only vegan restaurant closing in southwest Missouri … – #vegan #veg #
  • Who's the "Dark Knight" pushing the Obama "Socialism" Joker pictures in LA? #
  • Joe Haslag Op-Ed on how to grow jobs, by getting rid of the State Income tax. #
  • RT @OneRamsWay: Gary Pinkel and his Missouri football staff are also in the house today, paying a visit. #
  • RT @Missourinet: Health Dep't uses social network to spread message about STDs: The Dep't of Health… #
  • Health reform debate works like Iraqi conflict: Now it's headed to the streets. #
  • As the world turns RT @TheEconomist: Shrinking giants – The world's biggest companies by market capitalisation #
  • @PublicAffairsCo Gotta love the "ag mafia" dinner night. It's like "Thank You for Smoking," but served with sugar cane & cotton. #
  • Who said: "Obama's like a wolf whose fangs tear your flesh … & then he calls on u to talk about peace?" #

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