Twitter Updates for 2009-07-23

  • POTUS: Already showing signs of premature aging: grey hair, eye lids. Or maybe it's just HD TV. #
  • Some municipal lobbies call CA budget a "Ponzi scheme." What about munis that raise taxes w/out approval? #
  • Calling all studs. Wheaties Fuel is here. Co-Branding with Peyton Manning, Kevin Garrett. Web videos roll it out. #
  • Bill Gates @NCSL: "Use measurement to drive quality (in teacher instruction.)" Publish graduation rates. #
  • Charlie Kruse, MDFB, really likes the word "navigable" in the Clean Water Act. Here's why. #
  • Walking the walk: Why the Sen. Robin Wright Jones' district should help new teachers, with new merit pay, this year. #
  • AT&T wants you as a new wireless subscriber so much, that they support the cost of your new iphone. 6.7M new users. #
  • What Iron Man 2 & Marvel Comics are doing to expand video game brand marketing & blended media. #
  • VID: Educate, Communicate, & Advocate for your economic freedoms. Cong Graves town hall #
  • MU Jayhawk pluckers: Mark down 3/6/2010. Columbia, MO. #BorderWarShowdown #
  • St. James, Vichy, MO: You can hear me now. #Verizon #
  • Illegal immigrants: Now may be the perfect time to slip into MO. No one's sure who's in charge. #
  • Can/should Congress save Big Ben? #
  • @Oprah has 1,941,170 followers today. Maybe I need a puppy on my avatar instead of a propeller. #
  • You just don't get this St. Joseph, MO KC Star headline too often. #
  • CFtweet: $6,000 from South County Anesthesia Associates LTD to MO SOCIETY OF ANESTHESIOLOGISTS POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE on 07/22/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $7,400 from U.S. Bank to CIVIC PROGRESS ACTION COMMITTEE on 07/22/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $24,214 from Hulshof for Governor, Inc. to MO REPUBLICAN PARTY on 07/21/2009 #
  • @KMOX It's been 25 years this week since the US drinking age was set at 21. Should that change? #
  • This plane crew, with their own skin in the game, shows how to keep passengers engaged by creative video. #
  • When accountability falls short in Missouri public schools, you're bound to get what Liberty, MO has now. #
  • Over 9,000. The Dow's first time since January. #
  • WSJ Opinion: "obsession with income redistribution has destroyed California's tax base." #
  • RT @jack: Google Voice allows me to SMS from 35,000 feet. That's great. #
  • DeKalb, IL: Paraplegic pilot has "no words" after first solo flight. Former Police officer flies again. #
  • I think KFC's Colonel Sanders must have been like Santa Claus. Occasionally, I see someone that must be his stunt double. #

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