Twitter Updates for 2009-07-22

  • CFtweet: $25,000 from Rex A. Sinquefield to PARSON FOR STATE SENATE on 07/21/2009 #
  • State Budget Quote of the Day: Stephen Levy, "We are now the state that can't." (California Budget Cuts) #
  • If the majority of StL school sites are "partial (not full) service,"@Fox2now what are they leaving out? #
  • RT @Drudge_Report: Meet one of the largest and heaviest women on planet – and she's still growing! #
  • Bruce Springsteen, Aretha Franklin, U2, & Stevie all agree – Oct will time to celebrate 25 years of Rock & Roll HOF #
  • Someone is hiring sales & branding people this year, & it's not google. #Yahoo steps it up #
  • @PresReed given how well your play has been lately, the Young GOP's best draft Kenny Hulshof as a pinch hitter. #
  • Job interview advice from Monster. #
  • Thank god someone plans to do this… St. Louis, MO needs it. #
  • Branson, MO: Good early numbers from Air Tran Airways, your jet service. First to have In-Flight WIFI, too? #
  • The $30M surprise that no city wants for their Xmas in July: pension budget woes. #
  • Given PEZ Candy's strong brand, & their recent foray into NASCAR, I say MO deserves a #CarlEdwards PEZ dispenser. #
  • St. Joseph, MO: It's just one month away. A Trails West Festival sure to lure some big hair from the 80's. #
  • Pilots: What flies at up to 50K ft, captured 70,000 illegal immigrants last year, & seized 360K lbs of cocaine & marijuana? #
  • Pilot Answer: It just landed in Oshkosh, WI, at a civilian airport, for the first time this week, with no sound. #
  • "It would not only be wrong, but bad policy, to attempt by force what ought to be accomplished by reason." – Thomas Paine, 1792 #
  • CFtweet: $7,500 from MATA-PAC to SAFER FAMILIES FOR MISSOURI on 07/22/2009 #
  • She came before Fourth Meal. Now, Gidget is gone at 15. #TacoBell #
  • Anesthesiologists: Propofol, or Diprivan, at the Center of MJ's MD DEA raid today. #Anesthesia #
  • George Orwell gave us "1984." Hillary gave us "1994." CNN reminds how Big Brother is still watching u. #
  • High pressure throughout the Heartland the next two days. Fire up your bike, golf club, or convertible. #

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