Twitter Updates for 2009-07-09

  • CFtweet: $15,000 from Shelter Mutual Insurance Company to SHELTER INSURANCE COMPANY STATE PAC on 07/08/2009 #
  • Why Missourians need to know if Illinois releases 10,000 prisoners by Sept 30th, just to cut costs. #
  • My latest gov't trivia installment of: Is it Albany, NY or Somalia? #
  • Delayed: Sen. Reid pushes back to Sept 28th, for 60 votes on cap & trade? #
  • #MoBroadbandNow #
  • McCain-Feingold: "The debate has definitely shifted." #FEC #
  • Why your celebrity should have a verified twitter account. #
  • Why all marketing efforts must integrate to a fragmented consumer news world. #
  • Sequencing NIH's Francis S. Collins into the Obama political genome. #
  • CFtweet: $7,400 from Southwestern Bell Telephone, L.P. d/b/a AT&T Missouri to CIVIC PROGRESS ACTION COMMITTEE on 06/01/2009 #
  • Off the Katy Trail: I guess @tourofmo and @tourofmissouri may not be the only things suspended soon with budget cuts looming. #
  • Is the Sen. Espada return party flip-flop a final resolution to Albany gone wild? #
  • Sure the low calorie monkey lives longer. But the high-cal monkey is the only one smiling… #NYTimes #
  • Strong downdraft winds, + high altitude mtns, ruled Fossett's demise while out for his Sunday cattle spotting flight. #
  • FREE LUNCH: Justice-hopeful Sotomayor said one of hers spawned a public law career. #
  • Des Moines, IA: What happens when your state tax laws aren't simple, clear, and transparent to taxpayers. #

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