Twitter Updates for 2009-07-08

  • CFtweet: $5,000 from Missouri Leadership Committee to CITIZENS FOR NIEVES on 06/24/2009 #
  • What's worth $600M & climbing? maybe the value of Twitter, via Rupert Murdoch. Allen & Co meet in Sun Valley. #
  • You always knew you weren't getting enough dairy, even before Miss America told you so. #
  • RT @FOX2now: Celebrity Events Leading All-Star Game #
  • Can Chrome shine brighter than Windows OS? Google wants to find out. #
  • @ChadLivengood Welcome back. Michigan can be a tough place for a cat. in reply to ChadLivengood #
  • RT @ChadLivengood: State Rep. Mike Parson kicks off 2010 bid for 28th Sen Dist at 6PM Saturday @ Village Acres Park in Bolivar. #MOpolitics #
  • Which 2 states are the only ones with budgets unscathed? Find out at: #
  • Help @ChadLivengood break 1,000. Just three away. Send this to a friend. #
  • IL AG Lisa Madigan wants to stay in NAAG circles with MO AG Chris Koster. Wisks off the US Senate tapping. #
  • Fat cat: It's 96 ft wide x 160 ft tall. Purina's All-Star "Play Ball" building banner near Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO. #
  • CFtweet: $25,000 from IUPAT Political Action Together Legislative to MO DEMOCRATIC STATE COMMITTEE on 07/07/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $10,000 from Kansas City Power And Light Co. to JAY NIXON FOR MISSOURI on 07/06/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $10,000 from Donald E. Dalton to JAY NIXON FOR MISSOURI on 07/06/2009 #
  • Tweetup St. Louis, MO: Social Media Club meets, July 16, Moulin Events, 2017 Chouteau, 5:30 – 10 pm #
  • CFtweet: $10,000 from Burns and McDonnell to JAY NIXON FOR MISSOURI on 07/06/2009 #
  • @fastcompany Great article on creating brand runways. #

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