Twitter Updates for 2009-06-28

  • A cautious Moody on Missouri's economic growth. #MOpolitics #
  • $6M in taxpayer-funded litigation: "Kleinsmith? Isn't that the guy that is sueing us?" Senator Charlie Shields #
  • Read my lips. _ _ new taxes? David Axelrod negotiates health reform costs. #
  • Early soccer (US v Brazil) preview by ESPN: Fight, no early goals, attack early. #sportsnation #
  • Political Trivia: Is it Somalia, or Albany, NY? "How do you do a budget next year?" #
  • Arkansas: $330K spent by tobacco lobby – but a cigarette tax still went through. Up 56 cents – $72M. #
  • NM: Another example of gov't databases not working smoothly – campaign finance. #
  • Brand marketing to young adults reviewed via Twitter. #
  • 22 minutes. The average visit to Wal-Mart. Why variety (in consumer products) may no longer be the spice in mktg. #
  • Mindshare race: 60% google, Apple mid-50's, Bing up 20% in 2-3 weeks. #
  • A Top 10 List of Super Athletes with Major Impact #Bostonherald #
  • Weather days like today make lobbying your wife for a Harley Davidson a lot easier. #
  • Farmington, MO: Thanks Sen Kevin Engler, sponsoring St. Joe parish picnic. Washers, mice races, ozark ingenuity 4 good cause #

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