Twitter Updates for 2009-06-27

  • RT @cqpolitics: Political Wire: Sanford Not Planning to Resign #
  • US vs. Brazil, for the soccer finals in Johannesburg today. Should be a good match. #
  • RT @clairecmc: I hope we can fix cap and trade so it doesn't unfairly punish businesses and families in coal dependent states like MO. #
  • Pilots: Plane crash (St. Louisans in AR) reminds us to check weight/balance, & density altitudes, esp in hot air. #
  • CA: "..absolutely ridiculous. The governor has made us into budget scapegoats," Pres of AFL-CIO Local 2620 #
  • Not so sweet: How a sugar beet lobbyist must wrestle with ObamaCare. #
  • Google's Eric Schmidt: "Worst is over (on economy)." Impact of Bing $100M ad campaign. #
  • TV Anywhere: More proof that TV, Music industries will act more like twitter #
  • Show support for democracy in Iran add green ribbon to your Twitter avatar with 1-click – #
  • RT @St_Louis_Blues: The Blues have selected defenseman Brett Ponich with their second round pick. #
  • How to Spend Summer Vacation: by US Supreme Court Justices: Ireland, Austria, Rome #
  • 800 miles/$8B. What @JayNixon needs to keep StL high-speed rail on track. #
  • St. Louis has one more right winger – Tyler Shattock, a new Blue – 4th Round Draft Pick #
  • RT @allenicet: The MRP State Committee meeting just adjourned. A great meeting. #
  • VID: Mid-Missouri & NASCAR share someone great – Carl Edwards, 99 #ESPN #
  • East-West Gateway Council of Gov'ts has Les Sterman departing to the east, after 26 years. #
  • Deep Thoughts: "It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man." by Jack Handy #
  • #NFL: "A league with one team would be like one hand clapping." Antitrust case up for US Supremes #NBA #NHL #

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