Twitter Updates for 2009-06-25

  • RT @Drudge_Report: ABC ObamaCare Special Turns Into Presidential Filibuster… #
  • The Commonfund Institute outlines foundation, endowment performance #
  • 6 Months, No Leader – Missouri State Board of Education. We may curtail Somalian piracy before MO hires a Commissioner. #
  • RT @Missourinet: Gov. Nixon meets with Cap Press Corps this morn on the state budget. Budget – July 1st. Nixon has proposed $100M cut. #
  • Others who won a NBA national championship at 37? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. LeBron will need a lot more magic dust for Shaq's hands. #
  • @jrosenbaum You're on. Go Bucks. Should be a fun NBA draft year. Looks like UCONN's Thabeet is Grizzly-bound after all. in reply to jrosenbaum #
  • Finding the "Control-Alt-Delete" button for the National GOP Brand? #
  • @fox2now More about Arches that have invaded StL that have nothing to do with Rep. Cynthia Davis #
  • If using twitter creates a "tweet," then is using Microsoft's Bing's search result technically "bonging?" #Olympics #
  • @lslay RT @PERTZFOX: Missy Slay to talk about Fair St. Louis Next at FOX2NOW.COMShe claims Mayor Francis Slay as her 1st cousin #
  • SBC Merger talks, a quest for younger viewers, repositioning from absolutist ideas @CoMissourian #
  • Look there – that US Supreme Court keeps ruling in favor of individual kids again. #
  • RT @Missourinet: Gov. Nixon signs the education budget today at Parkview HS in Springfield. #
  • @DonCalloway Agreed. Shaquille O'Neal with LeBron James = team trouble for others in NBA. in reply to DonCalloway #
  • RT @ChadLivengood: Governor @JayNixon also signed the following bills into law today: HB914, HB283, SB196 & SB154. #MOpolitics #
  • @DavidMJackson What's up with Micheal Jackson's cardiac arrest? #
  • One day after @JayNixon proclaims Kenny Rogers Day, Sikeston, MO Rep. Ellen Brandom packs in great golf event. #
  • @travisfitzwater You keep up this PGA pace, your swing will be "Tigerian." Good seeing @ShaneSchoeller that far from home, too. #
  • It's stop beating at 50. #
  • NPR breaks down healthcare lobbyist showings like a Don King boxing event. #
  • If confirmed, our country will need to work out this grief, I vote for Billie Jean on Karaoke in every place able. #

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