Twitter Updates for 2009-06-23

  • A renewed push for community service volunteering. #
  • Daily Kos Poll shows only 8% GOP support from Hispanics #
  • Fundraising 2009: NRSC $17.2M raised. DSCC $17M. #
  • A few too many advocates may have watched WIll Smith’s “Enemy of the State” #
  • CFtweet: $5,000 from MO Optometric PAC to MO HOUSE DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE on 06/22/2009 #
  • You can vote for a public official on Alive St. Louis Magazine’s success contest. Find out who. #
  • RT @stlbeacon: ACLU sues over Lambert Airport TSA interrogation of fundraiser for Ron Paul group #
  • They call me the wanderer, yeah, I am a wanderer…. #
  • In California, your kid just loss $210 in family value off your state tax exemptions. #
  • My lobbying blog of why Brad Pitt’s charity brand advocacy still isn’t easy in the Big Easy. #
  • @Missourinet Here’s great public service success fighting METH in Montana. Attacking drug demand. #
  • Three NFL headbanging lineman from the Dallas Cowboys show how sports & music brands collide. #
  • RT @digg_politics: “Why Obama’s Geeky New CIO Wants to Put All Gov’t Info Online” – #
  • Kellogg Foundation Unites to Serve – only NM, MS, MI, & N’Orleans #
  • Find out what @newtgingrich and MO’s Dick Gephardt are doing together tomorrow at noon. #
  • 45 people dead after US Drone strike at alleged Taliban-related funeral attendance. #
  • A solution for SC Governor security staff; follow Albany, NY Senate Democrats by holing up in your chamber. #
  • Should doctors ditch wearing white coats? Science perceptions vs infection. #
  • RT @St_Louis_Blues: Congrats to Brett Hull, who will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Nov. 9. 10 years in St. Louis. #
  • @jrosenbaum @chadlivengood Is it time for MNEA to encourage public charter schools in Columbia, Springfield, MO? #
  • RT @davecatanese: RT @KrisKetz: President Obama will attend the All Star Game in St. Louis and he will throw out the first pitch. #
  • Not a Governor’s list on which most want to serve. #
  • CFtweet: $5,000 from Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Gorny P.C. to SLY JAMES FOR MAYOR on 06/23/2009 #

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