Twitter Updates for 2009-06-17

  • On the Oklahoma border, saw an Anviled thunderstorm against the shining sunset. Missed the picture though. #
  • My Oklahoma word of the day. “Wah-ko’h” means “men” in Quapaw, Native American tongue. #
  • @Missourinet @NYtimes has more tweets on how twitter is impacting new governments during last 24 hours – Iran is detailed. #
  • Lost my mojo on golf course; must be something disruptive in the force due to all the incoming political announcements #
  • A $4.8B sporting event for Chicago 2016 Olympics. Mayor Richard M. Daley ponies up $500M in host city insurance. #
  • Roll Call: Congress trying to be Major Cardinal baseball jerseys tonight. #
  • The infamous Coburn Top 100 Federal Stimulus Second Opinion List #1: Get water money, then raise utility rates? #
  • In case you missed Joe Biden’s summary of 100 Federal Stimulus success stories. #
  • RT @RasmussenPoll: Pennsylvania Democratic Primary: Specter 51% Sestak 32%… #
  • Gallup: 22% of Democrats self-defined as conservative, while only 3% of Republicans think of self as liberal. #
  • “I’d like to see their (Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae) abolition – tarred, feathered, & sent on their way.” James Gattuso #
  • What St. Louis can learn from Chicago related to city annexation. Water, Fire, & beyond. #
  • @DwyerRice What 22 fire house & city hall meetings can create to improve fire protection as an example.. IL #
  • More on the modem’s triumph over the bullet. Twitter wars in Teheran. #
  • 26 days to go. The highest rated basic cable program of 2008 comes to St. Louis in 2009. MLB’s Home Run Derby. #
  • Can soccer be an agent for change? Donna Shalala, and the World Cup quest. #
  • Are Democrats of two minds on education reform? #
  • 122 years in Kansas City. Live Music. “Best legs in a Kilt” contests. Browne’s Irish Market & Deli #
  • RT @FOX2now: NEWS: Tony LaRussa Picked As an NL All-Star Coach #
  • The Show Me Campaign, Bob Costas, & John Legend. 500 guests to help fight poverty. #
  • And the toughest job in Washington, DC again goes to…Michelle A. Rhee. #
  • Only about 13 days left to find the black box. Bad speed sensor news. Learning from this Airbus A330 tragedy #
  • RT @Drudge_Report: Appointed to President’s Commission on White House Fellowships… #

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