Twitter Updates for 2009-06-16

  • RT @ChadLivengood: Blog: financial disclosure forms for MO’s congressional delegation: #MOpolitics #MO7 #SGF #
  • RT @davecatanese: Team Steelman not happy with The Hill’s portrayal of her political options . . . Pushback Developing . . . #
  • @jrosenbaum Agree completely. I believe the CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison has a yacht large enough to hold his ego. in reply to jrosenbaum #
  • You know twitter is the new media when they have to postpone upgrades to not tamper Iranian elections. #
  • Less than 30? The % of advertising agencies that leverage social network mediums for their clients #
  • California budget woes: If you pay your $15 car tax hike, you help re-open a state park? #
  • RT @CEAMOfficial: Public charter students have edge on traditional schools, report says about Missouri. #
  • RT @WSJ_Econ: IMF: Flawed Tax Policies Contributed To Financial Crisis #
  • Pretty good opening for Joe Buck Live last night on HBO Sports. Ari Fleischer spoke about celebrity & crisis communications. #
  • Joplin, MO: Debating if I should bowl @ Speaker Ron Richard’s tourney tonight. Just saw Sen. Gary Nodler score turkey. #

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