Twitter Updates for 2009-06-07

  • RT @nprpolitics: Bills Would Disclose Drugmaker-Doctor Payments #
  • Pilot weather report: St. Louis area rain supposed to have ended for tonight. However, a few small cells remain around Sedalia, MO. #
  • Plane speed sensor problems, esp in turbulent weather, can result in tearing a plane apart beyond its structural design #
  • Why wealthy business owners should take their summer vacation in DC to lobby Congress Higher taxes, healthcare #
  • “At some point, I will be the ex-president, and then you will find me in France, I’m sure, quite a bit, having fun.” #
  • What the Federal Reserve does 2 curb critics of its DC power? Hire a former Enron Washington, DC lobbyist of course. #
  • Obama’s love for google executives hits a snag on his anti-lobbyist policy Debate over Andrew McLaughlin as CTO #
  • @tonymess MA wants term limits for Beacon Hill 15 states have them already. #
  • WSJ covers a Harvard profs view as to why Egypt needs term limits on its public officials. #
  • Pennsylvanians: Move to Missouri, where we want to lower income taxes, not hike them. #
  • RT @clairecmc: Rockies please leave town. Now. Ugly. #

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