Twitter Updates for 2009-06-03

  • CFtweet: $5,000 from ANN C. SCOTT to DOOLEY FOR ST LOUIS COUNTY on 06/02/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $5,000 from HDR Engineering, Inc. to DOOLEY FOR ST LOUIS COUNTY on 06/02/2009 #
  • Osama out for Obama; the Egypt trip lures Al-Queda to speak out. #
  • Having lunch @ St. Louis Science Center Trustee mtg; bold plans for a science literate community. We need it. #
  • Saw @SenJeffSmith headed to neighborhood ward mtg last night. Glad he likes public service. Wish the public understood it better. #
  • Bombadier bombs: Bloomberg reports 1st QTR profits down 31%; great essay for why MO gov’t will never out-smart the market #
  • Transparency, County efforts for campaign finance disclosure, California. Improving access to financial reports. #
  • RT @cqpolitics: Political Wire: Virginia Race Still Up in the Air #
  • RT @brownfield: Renewables conference focuses on solar, wind, mass: MU is hosting its fourth annual c.. #
  • RT @nprpolitics: Internet To Government: No, You Can’t Have It Back. #
  • RT @Philanthropy: RT @SeattleDonorBiz – Gates Foundation posts its 2008 annual report: #
  • How to discredit the term of Jimmy Carter…brought to you by Obama. #
  • Can the EPA eRulemaking improve transparency in federal government? has 110M hits in 2008. #
  • The best gig a web designer will ever find..$800K to overhaul the primordial web presence of our US Supreme Court #
  • US State Dep’t registering global callers who want text messages of Obama’s call to 1.5B Muslims. #
  • RT @Missourinet: Senator Bond concerned by online posting of civilian nuke sites #
  • Publisher branding faces googlization. Amazon vs. Google on online book rights/sales. #
  • Internet to MO AG Chris Koster: We have your next consumer scam to fight. Antivirus marketing & internet security. #
  • @RiverFrontTimes outlines St. Louis murder rates as second deadliest in US. Better public safety, more education? #
  • Laggards – MO State Board of Education 1 of only 4 states left not to join national math/science standards quest #
  • @PresReed ‘s Magic Chef Mansion fundraiser chock full Great job @DwyerRice ! Good to see @LydaKrewson from my ward as well. #

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