Twitter Updates for 2009-05-10

  • Branson/Springfield, MO: Competition for air travel. Brought 2 U by the free market. Who will win? #
  • Nothing says “happy mom’s day” like shattering dishes for fun. SE Missourian. #
  • Cape Girardeau, MO: Taking care of city business. Tax hikes, service charges, rent. #
  • Ten Commandments. A 3×6 sign on State Capitol grounds. Comments to @JoplinGlobe #
  • Branson, MO skies now filled with Thunderbirds – F16s. Soon, tourists come direct from Milwaukee, Dallas, Atlanta? #
  • Mark Twain’s MO home has a big brother – Hannibal Cam. Not sure why. #
  • Googleplex, Marissa Mayer, celebrates Mother’s Day…at work. Business Week tweetn. #
  • No political love triangle…Dick Cheney vs. Rush Limbaugh vs. Colin Powell? #
  • Outnumbered 120 – 1. Yur 2 cents worth – raised again. By Fortune 500 rank, the U.S. Postal Service wld b 26th. #
  • Calling all Pro Israel lobbyists. Biden, uh, we have a problem. #
  • Is the spike of political fundraising n Illinois like juicing up with steroids before its ban? Chicago Tribune. #
  • @LeoLaport RT @senator32: 2009 US Chess Championship Round 2 Wrap-Up Video: @ccscsl #
  • NBA: a point avg for every minute of play. The one & only LeBron James. #
  • Edited RT @Missourinet: Senator Charlie Shield’s wish list for final week of Missouri legislative session #

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