Twitter Updates for 2009-05-04

  • Should Governor Jay Nixon oppose the dachshund racing trend if it promotes weiner puppy mills? #
  • So here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson. Barry said you love it at the White House. Hey, hey, hey — hey hey hey. #
  • RT @WestWingReport: Shifting gears: the President today focus on taxes. Wants to shut off loopholes that U.S. firms have used to avoid taxes #
  • Many Missourians don’t know that we are one of the few states to have 2 Federal Reserve Banks (KC, StL). More Fed power? #
  • Foundation Leaders Gather in Atlanta; charity advice, the foreclosure crisis, fighting poverty w/HHS Sec’y Sebelius. #
  • Jefferson City: Conference Committees Posts 4 Last 10 Days; HB17 & 21 first on deck 10 am today in MO State Senate. #
  • How many Missouri towns would accept KFC pothole sponsorship if it were offered to fix our roads? Hat tip to @PresReed. #
  • RT @mashable 40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them (via @tweetmeme) #
  • RT @KOMUnews: RT @blueroot: Just found out that Google Street View has come to Columbia: #
  • RT @cqpolitics: Balance of Power: On Health Care, Maybe Specter Won’t Help the Democrats After All #
  • RT @Philanthropy: 6 online fundraising campaigns that work: free multimedia look at some real campaigns. #
  • St. Louis on the Air radio show today discussed – will Obama push education, environment to the political back seat; favoring healthcare? #
  • Ok. I’m done whining at the NHL. The St. Louis Blues and Checketts overall had a great growth year. Here’s to @St_Louis_Blues into 2010! #
  • @Jrosenbaum Happy Star Wars Day! May the force (whichever kind you prefer) be with you. #
  • @jrosenbaum Then, what’s up with the Darth Vader tweet theme? in reply to jrosenbaum #
  • Jefferson City, MO: MO Senator Luann Ridgeway (R-Smithville) wants reviews of government contracts bolstered in2 2010. Debating HB745 now. #
  • @jrosenbaum Even better, I love Chad Vader. Is he still running his series? I share Chad’s frustration waiting in line for fresh produce. in reply to jrosenbaum #
  • 3.7 million words 2 R US Tax Code. Millions of dollars overseas. A better taxing balance between income & consumption? #
  • Jeff City: Missouri expects 76,400 newborn births each year. Senator Rob Mayer moving on HB716. #
  • RT @Philanthropy: 18% of the 203 charities n gving survey use twttr 2 raise $$. 55 % use F’book. 21% use MySpce #
  • @kdinolfo – Don’t know, do you? in reply to kdinolfo #
  • Jeff City: MO HB658: Missouri dairy farmer tax credits “udderly” expensive – fiscal note: $16-30M? Fiscal hawks moving in to debate it. #
  • Jeff City, MO: HJR37 Card check now up for third read in House. #
  • Welcome @DavidALieb to the halls of tweetness! #
  • Jeff City: House reconsidering HB22 #
  • Missouri House: HB22 back to life after reconsidered vote; $110M interop system; $31M cancer ctr; veteran’s homes; 117Y; 42N #

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