Twitter Updates for 2009-05-03

  • CFtweet: $24,511 from St. Joseph Cablevision to CITIZENS FOR CHILDREN on 05/02/2009 #
  • More politicians, celebrities, campaign finance gurus relying on twitter. A Madison, WI legislator details. #
  • Will Missouri ever have a sports celebrity and tax reform crusader as significant as Jack Kemp? #
  • More advertising agencies from Hollywood and beyond move to market celebrity brands. #
  • St. Louis Post A8: Charlie Dooley, “We wish that they wld (cut taxes, freeze spending), but we don’t have any authority over thm (skools).” #
  • StL Post A8: Missouri school proposed 2009 property tax hike winners: Hazelwood, Jennings, Ferguson-Florissant, Clayton. Bills out in Nov #
  • MO Film production tax credits come through for “Up in the Air,” a comedy starring George Clooney, 2,000 local jobs benefit. Stl Post E1. #
  • w/ corp jet travel declining in Chesterfield, we need the National Business Aviation’s Association’s PR campaign, “No plane, no gain” workn #
  • KC Star: MO Senator Charlie Shields investigates tannery/MDNR involving St. Joseph business. Is sludge a fertilizer? #
  • @SenJeffSmith 1 small step 4 Metro. U cn help us 2day noon-3 pm, at the StL Chess club, paint a bus w/ Art in Transit. #
  • WSJ D8 4/28/09: NBA Forward Carmelo Anthony’s movie production co (Krossover Productions) takes “Tyson” to Hollywood. Other stars follow #
  • Tuesday, May 5th is NEA “National Teacher Day.” “Great teachers make Great Public Schools.” I couldn’t agree more. #
  • Flip side of teacher performance pay is that Obama must “insist on shaping processes to remove ineffective teachers.” #
  • $320K overcharged taxes. Unaccredited schools. 100 laid off. But 2 MO superintendents worth $121K each. Fox 2 news #
  • @MODavidJackson While in Washington, DC, U might try French rstrnt Citronelle 1 nite. According 2 @WestWingReport, the Prez just went thr. #
  • Dead bugs in your food. MSN reports on additives sure to surprise both Monsanto lobbyists and organic activists alike. #
  • 4 those that missed 60 Minutes & LeBron James, hre’s the vid link 2 wht could become the largest celebrity sports brand #
  • @MODavidJackson Another gd lobbyist hangout in DC – the Caucus Room. hre’s a gd clip frm Terry McAuliffe, Haley Barbour. in reply to MODavidJackson #

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