Twitter Updates for 2009-05-01

  • CFtweet: $5,000 from Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 to DOOLEY FOR ST LOUIS COUNTY on 04/30/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $5,702 from George J. Siebers & Co., Inc. to AGC-MO-PAC on 04/21/2009 #
  • Columbia Daily Tribune: Time to speak up for tax cuts citizens. Some legislators don’t think it’s part of their job. #
  • KC Star: Jason Noble confirms $111M public safety system under bid protest was voted down in HCS HB22 yesterday. #
  • Should Missouri school children be expelled if principals find a “hit list” on their desk? A Lutheran school acts. #
  • Strolling naked down a public street for a prank w/yur buddy – $1,300. Exposing Singapore tight controls – priceless? #
  • The Independent outlines a rising name for the revolving door of lobbyists and public offices…Goldman Sachs. #
  • How will Justice Souter’s retirement suit the Obama Administration? What to do about appointments. #
  • St. Louis – Riverfront Times/Lou O’Brien lament over the tough branding and naming rights of the horse racing business. #
  • RT @publiceyestl: Birds do it. Bees do it. Even @pubdef does it. Now, Mayor Slay’s website is doing it, too. #
  • Almost “show time” for Branson, MO & their unique private commercial airport opening May 11th. NY Times reports. #
  • thx @4entrepreneur. Good video on copyright broadcasts, ASCAP, BMI, & oppty 2 revive user-generated content, fair use. #
  • CHICAGO, IL: The death of an American brand: Pontiac. Chicago Tribune & the fracturing of our muscle car culture. #
  • Fires cause Australia to rethink phone alert, interoperability system investments from State Governments. #
  • Edited RT @urbanreviewstl: St. Louis City Board of Aldermen Committee assignments expected Monday per @PresReed. #
  • Missouri Lawyers Media weekly roundup: Tough times & pro bono work, AG Koster seeking raises, Panera Bread settlement. #
  • “Defining ‘good guy’ lobbyists and ‘bad guy’ lobbyists is in the eye of the beholder,” Fred Wertheimer, Democracy 21. #
  • CFtweet: $45,219 from Political Action Committee of the Greater to LIFE SCIENCES FUND OF THE POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE OF THE GREATER KA.. #
  • CFtweet: $10,000 from Microsoft Corporation Political Action Committee to MICROSOFT POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE MISSOURI on 04/23/2009 #

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