Twitter Updates for 2009-04-16

  • @newtgingrich 10,000+ in St. Louis, 5,000+ in Kansas City tea parties for taxpayer protest today. #teaparty in reply to newtgingrich #
  • RT @Philanthropy: Obamas Donated 6.5% of Income to Charity Last Year #
  • Kansas CIty zone schools not making the grade, KC Mayor Funkhouser cutting 100 more police officers, not a good combo #
  • CFtweet: $25,000 from DAVID & DEBRA HUMPHREYS to FRIENDS OF TILLEY on 04/15/2009 #
  • Democrat Rep. Ted Hoskins perfected House Bill 217 – regarding Missouri school student transfer policy #
  • RT @davecatanese: On April 22nd, The Show-Me Institute will roll out a study about the consequences of Missouri’s tax structure. #
  • Missouri House still going tonight, now onto Quality Rating System for Early Childhood Day Care – when will it end? #
  • With 10,000 taxpayers standing up in St. Louis today, will Mayor Slay’s inaugural speech Apr 21st address our 1% St. Louis Earnings Tax? #
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch today (A11) highlight’s Scott Baier’s Teach for America/St. Louis Regional Business Council quest for strong jobs. #
  • With a $49M deficit, and many closed school buildings unused, will Rick Sullivan listen to the public by lifting deed restrictions tonight? #
  • @LaurenceMaroney @jcbhiggins Does Madden’s retirement mean that his sport game “curse” will be lifted? #
  • RT @PresReed: Article up “Why is St. Louis Consistently Ranked One of the Most Dangerous Cities?” #
  • Missouri State Senate debating Proposition A Education Funding from Gaming Revenues – SB453 by Senator Mayer #
  • Missouri State Senate narrowly-passes SS#2 SB5 Omnibus Local Government Bill (18Y-16N) #
  • CFtweet: $10,000 from UAW V CAP to MO DEMOCRATIC STATE COMMITTEE on 04/15/2009 #
  • CFtweet: $10,000 from Pinnacle Entertainment to MO DEMOCRATIC STATE COMMITTEE on 04/15/2009 #
  • HB217 by Rep. Ted Hoskins passes Missouri House – School Transfer Policies #
  • St. Louis Public School lobbyist reporting a 3 to 0 decision to lift deed restrictions, release tomorrow #

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