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How State & Local Governments Tax U.S. Businesses

By Travis H. Brown – During my book tour travels to share information about taxpayer mobility for How Money Walks, I often field the question about how our states and cities attract or discourage business investment within their community.  Lately, there has been more debate in Washington, DC…

Part III – The Rexrode Less Traveled By

For a Missouri lobbyist and our media productions team, being a corporate sponsor of this weekend’s USS Missouri commissioning was a rare opportunity. For a moment, we were able to depart from the Missouri General Assembly, show-me state politics, and even the Fortune 500 arena of government affairs, to enjoy some sessions dedicated to preserving American freedom.

Part II – Our Hunt for Red October

St. Louis, MO (July 26th, 2010): Lawmakers, legislative staff, attorneys-at-law, campaign managers, political directors, Missouri primary candidates, and fellow state & local lobbyists: we are almost through the dog days of summer. To me, it always seems that next Tuesday’s primary election is geared to…