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Gate Way Group Contact: David Jackson Price Transparency in Health Care: The Kansas City Star ran a series of articles in December that zeroed in on hospital employed physicians, facility fees, and price transparency in health care. This week, Senator Jason Holsman (D-Kansas City), filed…

Learning to Pitch Negotiations

By David M. Jackson As the long, enduring humidity of July baseball passes, the St. Louis Cardinals zone in on the final months of the regular season in an attempt to satisfy the interests of their fans and goals of their team with a playoff…

Part III – The Rexrode Less Traveled By

For a Missouri lobbyist and our media productions team, being a corporate sponsor of this weekend’s USS Missouri commissioning was a rare opportunity. For a moment, we were able to depart from the Missouri General Assembly, show-me state politics, and even the Fortune 500 arena of government affairs, to enjoy some sessions dedicated to preserving American freedom.