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Missourian Brooks Continues To Shine At Chess Championship

For immediate release: Saint Louis, May 13, 2009 — After five rounds of the U.S. Chess Championship, Michael Brooks of Kansas City, Mo., has an impressive three points, putting him just one point out of first place. Brooks, of Kansas City, has defeated two grandmasters…

Charlie Brennan & Rex Sinquefield chat chess on KMOX

Charlie Brennan and Rex Sinquefield discuss the game of chess, the creation of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis and the U.S. Chess Championship that will be held there May 7-17, 2009. [pro-player type=”MP3″][/pro-player]

Wall Street brings Chess to Main Street

Most of the fun has gone out of reading about the super-rich. “Wall Street versus Main Street” is a constant media mantra. We’re shown fund managers and investment bankers perp-walking or being grilled by a congressional subcommittee, shaming the greedy traders who brought all of us down with their short-term get-rich schemes.