Will State Teachers Help Our Neediest Kids in Their Funding Formula Bill?

By Travis H. Brown

The future of Missouri lies with its 900,000+ children under the age of 21. If you are growing up within an unaccredited (or soon to be unaccredited) district, your family is faced with very few good choices. The scope of our Missouri constitution should apply statewide, regardless of zip code assignments to a zone school.

Perhaps the lowest, most fundamental threshold for the State Board of Education to determine is accreditation. This does not measure college readiness, job readiness, applied life skills, or anyone’s overall position toward their economic future.  Accreditation attempts to measure the minimal standards by which our state “maintains free public schools.”

The cultural tragedies that emerge from the accumulated failures to meet accreditation spread a slow but ever expanding wake.Trying to improve a statewide crisis-response plan for the education funding formula without providing immediate relief to those within these storms is akin to suggesting that victims of natural disaster do not require assistance from all corners of our state.

Missouri communities are better when ideology is laid aside in favor of practical, local solutions. Innovations can and do occur faster once all options for choice and competition are immediately available to serve the defense less. Research continues to demonstrate that improvements can be made with choice schools assisting those regions that require the most help, including improvements even for those kids who cannot or will not be able to choose a choice school.

Our needy communities are just like our legislative efforts: No one should have to go it alone in times of crisis. That is why we are proud to support the outreach to all parents and children, including those operating within independent choice schools, that have the means, ability, and interest to help. Please call your state legislator, and urge them to help all children with immediate choice options, such as passport scholarships found within HB1740.

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