Rex Sinquefield Campaigns for Job Growth in #Illinoyed on WGN

By Travis H. Brown

Any voter or concerned citizen that wonders how state income taxes impacts their local business climate needs not look any farther than this legislative year in Illinois state politics.  High income taxes have exported more working taxpayer wealth than our entire Missouri State Budget ($23 billion) from 1995 to 2008.  That didn’t stop state politicians from raising it further, prompting concerns and/or likely moves from Caterpillar, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and Sears.

I traveled with Philanthropist Rex Sinquefield, a University of Chicago MBA Alumni, when he spoke on WGN’s Mike McConnell show last week.  As a retired entrepreneur whose investment business moved out of California, Rex Sinquefield understands how state tax policy directly impacts how businesses move and create jobs.  While Missouri is fortunate not to have politicians advocating for tax hikes today, Missouri is not well-poised to recover from this recession thanks to chronically-slow growth.  In fact, the Show Me State is one of only two states in the nation to never have a single decade of double digit growth in the last century.

MP3 of Rex Sinquefield on WGN’s Mike McConnell radio show.

There’s only one big reason to offer a constitutional amendment to permanently-end the tax on individual income:  to make Missouri competitive within our global job economy.  With the right tax policy, Missouri can apply its well-centered American position by giving you more of what everyone needs most – more in your wallet with every paycheck.  I hope that you will learn more from or by following us by texting “MOREJOBS” at 41411.