Campaigns, Production, Tax Reform

In January 2013, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback eliminated the state income tax on small businesses, making it very appealing to live and work in the state. With no equal incentive to stay in Missouri, families and companies started making the easy move across State Line Road. Workers go where they can keep more of their paychecks. Small businesses open where they can thrive.


The concept is so simple, a five-year-old could understand it.


So, on behalf of our client Save Missouri Jobs, the First Rule team wrote, directed, and produced an ad starring a five-year-old. The ad played across all Missouri media markets, and the public certainly took notice: The ad is simultaneously clever, cute, and convincing. Soon, state income tax reform shot to the top of the legislative priority list, thanks to complementary lobbying efforts by Gate Way Group and grassroots advocacy by Voter Lab.


When a five-year-old talks about tax issues, people listen. When people realize how their lives are impacted by an outdated tax structure, they seek change. We tell the stories and provide the tools that turn ideas into actions.