Wings of Hope


At Pelopidas, our lives are about much more than just work. The role of a servant-leader doesn’t end when we step out of the office. The needs of the world don’t keep business hours. It is our team’s privilege and responsibility to donate time, resources, and energy to worthy causes in our region and across the globe. Our firm’s co-founder, Travis H. Brown, serves as Vice Chairman of the Board for Wings of Hope, the largest volunteer charity in the Midwest.


Headquartered here in St. Louis, Wings of Hope operates in nearly 50 nations and has a volunteer corps of more than 3,000 people. Ninety percent of funds go directly to program services, which are focused in the areas of healthcare, education, community development, and peace and conflict resolution.


In 2003, Wings of Hope created the U.S.-based Medical Relief and Air Transport Program (MAT). The goal of MAT is to provide equal access and advanced medical care to all U.S. children, regardless of location or income level. The program now serves more than 700 children each year.


Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Wings of Hope operates such diverse programs as humanitarian aid to the indigenous tribes of the Amazon Rain Forest, education and healthcare for women in Nepal, and medical care for the African nation of Zambia, where infectious diseases such as malaria and yellow fever threaten to destroy an entire generation.


Thanks to a tireless volunteer base and such high-profile supporters as Major General Chuck Yeager, former U.S. Senator John Danforth, and actor (and pilot) Harrison Ford, more than one million people are served each year by Wings of Hope. We can think of no higher honor than to be part of this story.