Wine, Whiskers, and Wags


Can those without a voice tell their own story? Yes – if they find the right partners. For the past two years, Coda Fundraising and Events has coordinated the annual “Wine, Whiskers, and Wags” event for the Franklin County Humane Society.


Each year, FCHS takes in nearly 300 litters kittens and puppies, all of whom have been abandoned or surrendered. The staff and volunteers provide excellent care for these animals, giving them a safe and healthy place to live until they are adopted into a “forever home.”


The Franklin County Humane Society will never turn an animal away because of someone’s inability to make a donation – but that means that others must step in to raise the thousands of dollars necessary to care for these cats and dogs.


“Wine, Whiskers, and Wags” brings together animal lovers from throughout the region for a full evening of fun and fundraising that quite literally saves lives. In 2012 and again in 2013, Coda coordinated the live and silent auction, recruited sponsors, designed all print materials, and staffed the event.


This event raises both money and awareness, and it provides a brighter future for animals who would otherwise live on the street. Every creature deserves a happy ending to their story.