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Sometimes, our stories go worldwide.


In the fall of 2013, the Gate Way Group led a coalition of physician specialty groups, health care organizations, and pharmaceutical companies to prevent a national drug shortage of propofol, the leading anesthetic used in over 85 percent of surgeries.


Missouri was scheduled to be the first state in the country to use propofol in lethal injections, a move that was expected to trigger immediate export restrictions on the drugs shipment to the entire United States. The U.S. receives over 89% of our supply of propofol from Germany, and the European Union (EU) has strict policies against supplying any drugs that are used for capital punishment. While our medical clients do not hold a position on capital punishment, they are committed to ensuring physicians, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals have the tools and resources they need to provide the highest level of patient safety.


We weren’t the only ones talking about the potential propofol shortage. The story gained traction around the world, including in Germany’s Der Spiegel.


Today, propofol is prohibited from use in lethal injections. Our team worked tirelessly on this issue, and we thank Governor Jay Nixon, Attorney General Chris Koster, and the Missouri Department of Corrections for taking immediate action to amend Missouri’s lethal injection protocol and preserve propofol for patients in the operating room.