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When the issue is healthcare, the stories become very personal. Emergencies and traumas etch themselves on the mind, becoming unforgettable.


The time you rushed to the emergency room to be with a loved one who was just involved in a car accident. The time you listened to a close friend who was struggling with addiction to prescription painkillers. The time you supported a family member experiencing back pain so severe that she had to get spinal injections with a six-inch needle, designed to deaden the nerves. The time when you, yourself, were misdiagnosed and spent dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars trying to find an answer.


Patients should be safe, and they should receive the highest level of care from the appropriate healthcare provider. Over the past two decades, our experienced issue-advocacy team has worked on more than a hundred pieces of legislation to ensure that patients are protected when they undergo medical procedures.


When a person needs care, the last thing they should have to do is quiz the provider about their qualifications.


Travis H. Brown and the Gate Way Group have helped pass legislation controlling who is permitted to prescribe narcotics. We’ve promoted team-based practice models between physicians and mid-level providers. And we’ve prohibited providers from performing high-risk spinal injections after attending a weekend course rather than appropriate medical school and fellowship training.


We make meaningful change by helping state legislators hear patients’ stories. Our expert lobbying team brings lawmakers into the operating room for surgeries, hosts physicians at the Capitol, and educates citizens to be proactive about their healthcare.


When it comes to the provider and patient relationship, safety matters above all else.


End of story.