Marshall the Miracle Dog

Clients, Film

A boy, his dog, and a daring rescue that brings a whole community together – who can resist that story? At Pelopidas, we fell in love with the story of Marshall the moment we heard it. Based on real-life events that transpired not far from St. Louis, Marshall the Miracle Dog began as an award-winning children’s book and evolved into a feature film with serious star power.


Our Pelopidas team had the privilege of being involved with the Marshall story nearly every step of the journey.


As strategic film investors, our firm’s principals provided Series A funding based on the strong promise of the project.


First Rule Film & Broadcast loaned the best-in-class equipment that gives the film its Hollywood-quality look.


Our PR and communications team helped land Marshall on every St. Louis TV station, as well as on the front page of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


Coda Fundraising & Events hosted a reception for the film’s investors and an invitation-only screening of Marshall the Miracle Dog.


And our whole team is privileged to work with Cyndi Willenbrock, Marshall’s adoptive mom and the founder of The Marshall Movement – a character-building curriculum that works with thousands of students each year to promote kindness and prevent bullying.


Feature film is one of Pelopidas’ newest and most exciting ventures. The philanthropic aspect of this project makes it an even more meaningful collaboration. We can’t wait to join Marshall on the red carpet.