Campaigns, Tax Reform

Sometimes, telling a story is just the beginning.


Sometimes, the tale itself is not enough.


To truly create change, we must empower people to control their own narratives. We need to remind ourselves, our neighbors, our friends, and our leaders of the importance of voters’ voices.


In 2010, Pelopidas managed a statewide ballot campaign encouraging a “yes” vote on Proposition A, the Let Voters Decide Initiative. At the heart of the issue was the earnings tax – a one-percent tax levied on those who live or work in St. Louis and Kansas City.


The idea was simple: If passed, Prop A would allow residents of St. Louis and Kansas City to vote every five years on whether to keep their city earnings tax or phase it out gradually. It would also prevent other Missouri cities from implementing an earnings tax – a proven detriment to economic growth and competitiveness.


With the Let Voters Decide Initiative, we did far more than just tell our own tale. We listened to thousands of stories across the state. We met with small business owners and CEOs. We attended chamber of commerce meetings, civic lunches, and summer festivals. We traversed the state dozens of times – capturing video, placing signs, and talking one-on-one with voters. This was everyone’s story to tell.


So, what happened in the final chapter? On November 2, 2010, the Let Voters Decide Initiative passed by an overwhelming margin. We take great pride in letting Missourians be the authors of their own future.