Immunophotonics: The Promise of a Cancer-Free Life

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Cancer. Just the word sounds like the end to a story – the final, too-soon page of a life that should include many more years. With breakthrough technology and deep compassion, the team at Immunophotonics is working to remove “cancer” from the human narrative.


Immunophotonics has developed an innovative cancer vaccine, called inCVAX, for the treatment of metastatic cancers – cancers that can typically only be treated by invasive, debilitating radiation and chemotherapy. The inCVAX treatment requires just two injections into the selected tumor, allowing patients to go about their daily lives immediately following the procedure. Not only is inCVAX far less invasive than today’s standard cancer treatments, it is significantly more affordable. And that means top-level care is no longer limited to those who have the means for it.


Immunophotonics founder and CEO Tomas Hode describes his vision this way: “Our vision is to help create a world in which cancer is neither deadly nor a precursor to debilitation and suffering, in which ‘terminal’ is no longer used to describe the fate of cancer patients, and in which treatment is globally affordable and accessible. In our opinion, medical care is not a means to gain profit, but profit is a means to provide medical care.”


At Pelopidas, we are proud to have the privilege of introducing the Immunophotonics team to our network. Over the course of many conversations, our staff has worked with theirs to craft key messages and share the great news that Immunophotonics offers: the promise of a cancer-free life. With the technology currently in the trial phase, the story is just beginning. We look forward to helping the tale unfold, as inCVAX provides cancer patients with life chapter after life chapter.



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