We don’t just tell our own stories. We help other people share their narratives, too. In our business, great communication is fundamental to everything that we do. Today, stories travel fastest through high-speed Internet connections. People depend on quality Internet access and IP-based video to connect with the world around them.


So, when much of rural Missouri found itself without sufficient Internet services, we answered that call.


Pelopidas founder Travis H. Brown played a leadership role with the AT&T Missouri legislative team, and aided successful passage of Senate Bill 284. SB 284 effectively expanded high-speed Internet access and allowed companies that want to provide competitive video services to get a state-issued franchise rather than negotiate at the municipality level (a process that would take years to complete).


In response to the passage of SB 284, AT&T announced a $335 million investment in fiber network upgrades and other cutting-edge video and Internet services throughout the Show-Me State. The passage of SB 284 effectively brought Uverse – perhaps the best triple-play telecommunications system in the nation – to Missouri. Leaders in rural communities across the state hailed the investment as an economic boost and a driving force for business.


Thanks to the work by Travis H. Brown, the AT&T legislative team, and our partners, thousands more Missourians can quickly access the stories taking place around the world.