Pelopidas Teams Join Chess Club to Paint Metro Bus for Arts in Transit

By Travis H. Brown, MBA

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The challenge was as bold as taking on a chess grand master inside the Chess Club & Scholastic Center of St. Louis.  In less than three hours, can community leaders and volunteers paint an entire St. Louis Metro bus with the look, feel, and brand of the Chess Club’s fine work?

First, we have to give credit where credit is due.  Laying out a clear design for an entire bus wall isn’t a slam dunk.  That’s why we depended upon Susan Barrett and her leadership with Arts in Transit to provide a great design layout.  With the design in hand (picture of challenge), now comes the painting.

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Maybe it was the flurry of young chess players that came to the Club parking lot to support their club.  Maybe it was the parents joining in with their paint brushes.  Maybe it was some of our hard-working advocates at Pelopidas that displayed their hidden art talent.  (picture of Emily and Sean here, and Travis Glaspie pic)

All that I know is that, in less than two hours, St. Louis’ first Metro Arts in Transit (AIT) bus dedicated to chess outreach was moving close to completion.  We didn’t even have time to polish off the rice krispie treats (add joi and Karen pic) before the paint was drying, and chess games were resuming.

Checkmate on a great philanthropy.  Once the bus design is fine-tuned, this design will traverse our Greater St. Louis community for at least a year.   Since its inception in 1986, AIT has completed more than 150 public art projects, installations, and community enhancements.  Attached below are more photos of the bus sides as they developed.

In less than a year since its opening, what an impact the Chess Club & Scholastic Center of St. Louis is making.  This community charity reminds us that we don’t stop playing as we grow old.  We grow old when we stop playing.

Best of luck ahead with the 2009 US Championship!

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