At Pelopidas, LLC, we are in the business of storytelling. We empower our clients to share their stories and make their voices heard – through unique events, issue advocacy, fundraising efforts, voter outreach, and powerful documentary-style filmmaking, among other services.


Our founders’ life stories have taken them all across the nation, collaborating with innovators, civic leaders, and reformers. Travis H. Brown and Rachel Keller started the company in their home state of Missouri, and the Pelopidas story spread like wildfire – today, people throughout the United States turn to us for the strategy, service, speed, and security we provide.


Our clients range from nationally renowned philanthropists to local nonprofits to major corporations. We help each of them reach their goals – whether that be winning a statewide ballot campaign or throwing an unforgettable party  – by understanding who they are, where they have been, and where they would like to go.


Our clients’ stories are our stories; their successes are our successes. We work as servant-leaders to give back to the community in everything that we do. Our team looks forward to advancing the narrative for years to come.


Welcome to Pelopidas. What’s your story?