How Missouri Lobbyists Can Use All for Good

By Travis Brownjuly-2008-dc-campaign-photos-290

This week, First Lady Michelle Obama launched awareness for Thanks to the Google volunteer programmers that work 20% of their time on free form ideas, there’s now a new website rolled out called: (makes you wonder what the Microsoft Bing executives are doing to compete too, doesn’t it?).

An important role of a state or federal lobbyist can be sharing ways to expand charity in targeted areas, preferably around client priorities and/or the legislative districts of your colleagues in public service. That used to mean that your time and/or pro bono advocacy was limited to your physical presence traveling to a corporate office or a policymaker’s district. Today, thanks to open source API technology like All for Good, you can find creative ways to link community advocates, volunteers for political action, or small donor philanthropic patrons much easier.

Here’s how this can work. Suppose you had a healthcare lobbying client that wanted to sponsor some kind of senior outreach in Mid-Missouri, like Jefferson City, MO or Columbia, MO. On their site, you can see a search tab to enter location. When you do, you will first see a google map showing successful activities with active listings. In this example, item D in my location search sends you to volunteer match in Boone County.

The good news is that the collaboration also screens by issue, too, in your given location. This enables you to target lobbying for specific things, like public education. Suppose I want to find school partnerships in St. Louis, MO. In my search, it identifies, maps, and connects item G, Loyola Academy of St. Louis.

Obviously, the idea here is to link, share, facebook evite, tweetup, blog, or somehow promote an efficient way to give back to your targeted neighborhood. If it takes off anything like they hope, it could become a tremendous research for legislators, event planners, philanthropists, lobbyists, association managers, and engaged citizen leaders.

Quotes from a few individuals who supported the site that got us thinking:

“All for Good makes it easier for Americans to find a way to help others — to give someone a break — in a new spirit of volunteerism,” said Craig Newmark, Founder and Customer Service Representative, craigslist.

“I have been impressed — and inspired — by the way the people behind All for Good are putting their expertise in technology and the new ways we communicate at the service of service. By connecting those who can help with those in need, All for Good is an exciting step down the road of turning our impulse to serve into acts that reduce the human suffering that has been exacerbated by the hard times we are facing. Now, more than ever, we must mine the most underutilized resource available to us: ourselves. And All for Good can help us do just that,” said Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post.