How State & Local Governments Tax U.S. Businesses

By Travis H. Brown – During my book tour travels to share information about taxpayer mobility for How Money Walks, I often field the question about how our states and cities attract or discourage business investment within their community.  Lately, there has been more debate in Washington, DC…

Voters Deserve a Chance to Move Missouri Forward

Below is a press release from Let Voters Decide, our campaign to create real job growth for Missouri. The process towards the Missouri ballot is long and hard, but there’s never been a more important time for voters to consider a better way for economic growth. Since the Show-Me State is currently 48th in the nation, the plan that we are on simply isn’t working. When our state isn’t growing, it hurts everything that our state wants and needs to serve.

What’s Special About Special Session for Mayor Sly James

Yesterday, Governor Jay Nixon put out the call for special session before the Missouri General Assembly. Much of the desired success deals with matters involving the St. Louis region. Yet much of the responsibility for failure, if the session stalls this September, will fall into…