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Engage – Wine, Whiskers, and Wags

ENGAGE “Like” Franklin County Humane Society on Facebook. Stop by your local pet-supply store and pick up some items for FCHS’s wish list. Consider a business sponsorship, including becoming a Community Pet Partner. Volunteer in person with FCHS – including at the 2014 “Wine, Whiskers,…


ENGAGE Read the latest news at the Missouri Dermatological Association website. Check out the Skin Cancer Foundation’s tips on how to prevent the disease. Follow Gate Way Group on Twitter for the latest updates from Jefferson City.

Engage – Immunophotonics

ENGAGE Watch this video, which describes the inCVAX technology and what it means for thousands of cancer patients worldwide. Read more about the technology used in the cancer vaccine inCVAX. Consider donating time or money to the American Cancer Society.

Engage – CEAM

ENGAGE Watch the “Reimagining Education” whiteboard video. “Like” CEAM on Facebook to stay up-to-date on education-reform news. Join the CEAM “Parent Academy” – a network of informed, engaged, and organized parents who advocate for their children’s education. Make a donation to the Children’s Education Alliance…

Engage – Let Voters Decide

ENGAGE Watch these advertisements in support of the Let Voters Decide Initiative. Stay informed about tax-reform issues currently being debated in the Missouri House and Senate. Read this in-depth study about phasing out the earnings tax.


ENGAGE Transform your state with the data available in the How Money Walks web app. Learn more about the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (wait and see what we have in store for this year’s booth!). “Like” How Money Walks on Facebook to stay up-to-date…


Engage: Make an in-kind donation to St. Vincent Home for Children. Spend a few hours a month volunteering at Covenant House. View photos from the Christmas party.   CREDITS Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield Travis and Rachel Keller Brown Laura Slay     PARTNERS Evntiv The…