AFP Missouri Taxpayer Tea Party a HUGE Success!


afp-tea-partyThere you have it; the people have spoken! On April 14, 2009 AFP Missouri hosted a Taxpayer Tea Party at the Capitol in Jefferson City.
Despite the chilly weather, hundreds came out to voice their desire to see a more limited government, better representation from their elected officials, and restrained spending of their hard-earned tax dollars.

The USS Porkulus was inundated with tea bags and common sense, and we sent a clear message about the changes WE THE PEOPLE want to see here in Missouri’s capitol.

There will be more interviews, photos and commentary to come. Please join in your local Tea Parties and, now that you know how just a little time can make a big difference, talk to you legislators about HJR 36 Fair Tax legislation.

As a reminder of what an impact we can have, check out some of the press from today:

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